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September 2nd, 2014 —


New image of lead character Norman Reedus in P.T/Silent Hills from Konami games.

Anonymous asked : It has nothing to do with him not wanting to go to Raw or SD. It's about the filming schedule of the movie. Haulting production for him to fly out in sunday to go to raw and sd and not get back until wednesday that haults almost 4 days which creates more costs for the movie renting out places and such its not possible. Why do you think Miz took time off when he filmed and Orton took a few weeks off as well when he was filming. Think of it as how much it costs to wait

You know what… I never thought of that.

Anonymous asked : If ya don't mind me asking what did you say about dean ambrose? And dont worry about what others on here think! You're allowed to voice your opinion just like everyone else around this joint. If they don't like it well then they can kiss your ass and continue to be mad.

I said that Dean should be able to travel to Raw and Smackdown. That’s it. Then he can go back to Vancouver and film his movie. No live shows. Of course, people said that would break him down… Uh hello? The guy travels all around the world and wrestles 24/7. The guy is barely home! He’s in a different town every day! I think he can manage flying to two locations for Raw and Smackdown and flying back to Vancouver until he would have to fly out again for Raw and Smackdown. I see no problem there… I’m just saying.

I hate being disrespectful to anybody here but this is my opinion. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Pretty damn simple.

And thank you.

September 2nd, 2014 — 1 note

Nikki, how could you?


Summerslam Journey Coverage "The last guy you ever wanna’ fight is a guy you know you can beat but he don’t care. A guy that’s not scared of you. That’s Dean Ambrose."

Those lips look so good to kiss!!!:)


OH CRAP. I didn’t fully read Lance Storm’s tweet…

I thought he said “I hope Ambrose’s new movie is awesome.” but no… complete opposite of that.

September 2nd, 2014 — 1 note
A set of Norman Reedus reaction gifs for Sarah 

And this is why ladies and germs… this man is a sexual icon.


I’m glad somebody like Seth’s Briefcase is actually standing by what I said about Ambrose… This makes me feel tons better.

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If you love me as sister, you will go and never comeback.




Well hello gorgeous

Dammit I don’t have enough money for this and the Ambrose one

I know I have to wait to.

Seriously? Now Roman has a hoodie? And Ambrose’s hoodie is still not even shipping yet!

To anybody who I have offended about my opinion with Ambrose, I’m sorry.